Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thanks for the memories

The big Chaucer weekend is a lovely memory now. Hope some of you were able to attend the festivities.
     Triple digit temps left just in time. We had a few cool days for baking the poundcakes for the Chaucer celebration at the Claremont Library. The oven needs to be on for several hours to make enough poundcakes, so you don't want to start out on a day that's expected to get to the 90s.
     The cakes are sliced, plastic wrapped and handed out to Chaucer fans all afternoon. Many folks come back each year especially looking for the poundcake. It's become a tradition!
     Some folks ask "Why Chaucer and poundcake?" as if there is a mystical or historic connection. My answer may disillusion them, but it's simple: they are easy to make and easy to serve.

A few days before the celebration, I was pleasantly surprised by an invitation to do a radio interview about--what else?--Chaucer. Matthew Arnold is the interviewer. At the end of the program, he even put in a plug for the Saturday events.
     The show is now in the archives of the station. Just click on the link below and then October 21--

The music at the Mass was splendid. It got nothing but rave notices and complimentary remarks afterward. The Latin and medieval instruments transported us to the 14th century. Along with the perfect weather of the day, it's all treasured memories now.


  1. Did the Radio Maria interview air beyond your local station? The Mass with medieval music sounds awesome. I wish I had been there! (I had trouble posting with my login and used the "Anonymous" option. This comment comes from one of your Wisconsin fans, Joan S.

    1. Hi, Anonymous Joan. The broadcast went live in the eastern and southern parts of the US. It wasn't heard locally at all. But friends could hear it live online. It's great that it's available from their archives. Have you looked at the celebrations at There are pictures and some videos to give you a taste. Next year Saturday October 24. :)