Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fabric windfall!

I'm here to explain my recent absence. About a month ago a ladies group at church received a donation of fabric. That really doesn't say it adequately. The "donation" needed 2 SUVs to transport it! I got involved in sorting it all out, box after box of it. Very little of it was more than 1 yard long. Many "projects" had been started and left unfinished.  hmmmm  It took a bit of ingenuity to figure the most efficient way to use it all.
     So, fast forward a week or so, after the rest was distributed to willing workers, I inherited the  swatches of fabric that were less than 1/2 hard. What do you do with many, MANY pieces of fabric less than 1/2 a hard long? Well, I make quilts. That's where I've been spending my time--in my workshop making quilts. They'll be donated to a charity to be given to those in need. I'm in my element and enjoying myself.
     But I promise I'll soon continue examining the "details" that show the journeyers to be--as Donald Howard says-- "individuals, but never Pilgrims".

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