Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Canterbury Limericks?

A clever fellow in the writers group I attend is named Mr. Kohoutek. He may be a distant relation of the comet of the same name. One of his talents is organizing things. His latest project was a limerick contest. A "poet" in spite of himself, his own contribution is a series of related limericks.

I'm inspired to share them with you because they were dedicated to me!

The Canterbury Limericks
Frank Kohoutek

There once was a bloke name of Chaucer, 
Who wrote as he drank from his saucer,
The church said, "Geoffrey, my lad,
You must not be bad, 
And do not break the law, sir!"

He started to write anyway,
Hid his thoughts in word play,
Had they figured it out,
They'd be left with no doubt,
But he outfoxed them and got it away!

What were his messages about?
He hid his thoughts--couldn't shout, 
So thoroughly hidden,
His meanings unbidden,
It took Dolores to figure them out!

And so we are left with his tales,
Which some say are slower than snails,
But don't ever be blue,
'Cause this isn't true,
Mrs. Cullen has lifted the veils!


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